Updated: Nov 5, 2018

Fear - it's a lowkey crazy concept. The Webster Dictionary defines fear as "an unpleasant emotion caused by the belief that someone or something is dangerous, likely to cause pain, or a threat." Basically, it's all in our head when it comes to certain situations. Of course, you'll be fearful if you're at the mouth of a great white shark in the middle of the ocean, but how can you be fearful of every day life?

When I look back on my life (even though I'm 28), I feel like I missed out on so many different things because of fear. One thing being the fact that I was supposed to launch this blog five years ago. Who knows what could have happened if I actually just did it then? And I will never know. Don't get me wrong, I have an amazing life, accomplished a lot, and had many once in a lifetime experiences. But I get speechless when I think about how much more amazing it could've been if I didn't let fear prevail. I do believe that everything happens for a reason, but we have to stop crippling ourselves, giving in to self doubt and just LIVE. It is better to do something and fail than to not do it and wonder "what if." It's time to really LIVE.


Update: Less than 12 hours after I drafted the above thoughts my phone, I received confirmation three times about releasing fear.

  • The first was an article included in my Joyce Meyer Everyday Study email. The article The Key to Overcoming Every Fear You Face

  • The second confirmation I received was a Sprinkle of Jesus phone alert that said "Fear is a tactic the enemy uses to distract you."

  • The third confirmation came from an old Daily Blessing email that I came across while cleaning out my inbox.

I was mind blown that all of these confirmations randomly came within 24 hours of jotting down these thoughts. Needless to say, I was (and still kind of am) fearful about launching this blog, but these moments confirmed that I need to let fear go, and just do it! So, GOODBYE FEAR!

<3 ShanMichele


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