Five Ways to Spark Love On Valentine's Day

Moment of truth: I've never really been a fan of Valentine's Day. I'm not a big candy person, I don't really like the color pink, teddy bears take up unnecessary space, and getting reservations at a restaurant is nearly impossible. People spend a lot of money and time on material things to show someone that they love them, all to end up not speaking the following week. Plus if you love someone, why not celebrate love everyday instead of making a big deal out of February 14th?

Despite the fact that I can't stand Valentine's Day - I love LOVE. Although, I've had a "valentine" every year, having one is not necessary to spread love on Valentine's Day. Love can be expressed in many other ways, so here are Five Ways to Spark Love on Valentine's Day!

Five Ways to Spark Love on Valentine's Day:

1. LOVE Yourself

  • This is the most important way to show love on Valentine's Day because self-love is the best form of love. Make sure that you take some time this Valentine's Day to make yourself a priority. We often times forget the importance of loving ourselves. Find some time to do something for yourself like take a bubble bath, read affirmations, buy yourself some flowers, give yourself a hug, get a massage, just sit in silence or anything else that will spark joy within. Don't forget to show yourself some appreciation this day because you can't love others if you don't take the time to love yourself.

2. Do something you LOVE

  • Everyone has something that they love to do whether it be reading a book, watching a movie on Netflix, working out, painting, writing, etc. There is something that YOU love to do, and that's your "thing." Take the time and pour love into that activity this Valentine's Day, whether it be five minutes, thirty minutes, an hour or more. We spend a lot of our days doing things we have to do like going to work, and all the other responsibilities that come along with adulting. So, I challenge you to spend a moment of this love-filled day doing something you love.

3. Give LOVE to someone else

  • I'm a firm believer in spreading light and love to others every single day. It can be simple as giving someone a smile or hug, simply telling someone that they matter or just treating someone to lunch. You never know what people are going through and how a small gesture from you can brighten up their day. On this Valentine's Day (and everyday) try to give some love to someone else.

4. Eat something you LOVE

  • We are well into the New Year at this point, and a lot of people are on diets, adopting healthy eating habits, and overall just being conscious of what goes into their bodies. That's great! But, there's nothing wrong with treating yourself on this day. I mean, Valentine's Day is all about love, right? So, love what you eat and eat something you love. Today - eat that chocolate, cupcake, ice cream, steak, or whatever it is that makes you happy today! One cheat day won't hurt, so spread love to your taste buds.

5. Go somewhere you LOVE

  • Spending time in places that you love is therapeutic. I'm not saying you have to splurge on a last minute trip for Valentine's Day, but if you want to then by all means please do. But spending time somewhere you love can be as simple as sitting in your favorite bookstore or coffee shop, going to a museum, visiting your favorite park, or walking through the aisles of Target. Just go somewhere that allows your mind to be free and your heart to be happy!

How will you spark love this Valentine's Day?

Whether you're spending Valentine's Day with your significant other, friends, family or alone, I hope that you find a way to spark love this day. Happy Valentine's Day!

<3 ShanMichele


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