Taking Over for the '99 and the 2000's: Millennium Tour Recap

JET magazine from when B2K announced their breakup (January 2004)

My 14-year-old heart broke when headlines flashed that B2K was breaking up in 2004. I spent years collecting posters from Right On! and Word Up! magazines, writing fan-fiction stories on B2KLovesYou.com, attending Scream Tours, and then suddenly everything was over. I secretly held onto storage bins full of concert tickets, posters, bandannas, magazines, t-shirts, personalized necklaces, VHS recordings, and fan books for all of these years. I finally made the decision to part ways with my teenage heartthrob collection. Lo and behold, B2K announced The Millennium Tour two weeks later, so "operation: purge teenage heartthrob collection" was suspended.

15 years later, my heart and teenage dreams were restored as I screamed and shed tears (yes, I really cried) when B2K announced that they were going on The Millennium Tour! Within seconds, a group chat with my middle school friends was created, and we decided to meet up in Atlanta to attend the show. I mean, we did wait 15 years for a B2K reunion - basically half of our lives, so it was only right that we witnessed this together.

Friends since 2000. Preparing to attend The Millennium Tour.

I pulled out my Kobe Bryant #8 Lakers jersey dress that I hadn't worn since the first day of eighth grade, my B2K bandanna from one of the Scream Tours, and I was ready to relive my teenage years! B2K headlined The Millennium Tour, which also featured Pretty Ricky, Mario, Lloyd, Bobby Valentino, Chingy, and the Ying Yang Twins. The Atlanta show, which was the 16th stop on The Millennium Tour, was also blessed with surprise performances from Bow Wow, Sammie, Murphy Lee, Bone Crusher, Fabo, Yung Joc, B5, Keri Hilson, Keith Sweat, and others!

The concert started promptly with Chingy opening up and performing his hits including "Right Thurr," "Holidae Inn," "One Call Away," and "Pulling Me Back." He brought a lot of energy to the state, and of course I got a chance to do the chickenhead like it was 2003.

Bobby Valentino graced the stage next and came out to perform his most popular songs including "Mrs. Officer," "Anonymous," "Tell Me," and of course his first single "Slow Down."

Lloyd delivered great vocals and took us back to 2004 with this debut single "Southside," along with his other hits "Get It Shawty," "You," and "Lay It Down." He also performed his latest single "Caramel." By the way yall - he says "fine, too" not "five two."

The show quickly turned up when the Ying Yang Twins got on stage. Their lively set was like a twerk fest intermission for this predominately R&B show. We danced and twerked our way through their hits including "Salt Shaker," "Badd," "Wait (The Whisper Song)," and "Get Low."

Pretty Ricky kept the show nice and sexy with their hits "Grind With Me," "Your Body," "Juicy," "Love Like Honey," and "On the Hotline." It felt like high school all over again since I was only in 10th grade when they released their debut album "Bluestars." Their performance was very energetic and fun, and I still remembered some of their dance routines!

Mario calmed us down and hit the stage delivering amazing vocals performing "Just A Friend," "C'Mon," "Braid My Hair," "Let Me Love You," "How Do I Breathe," and my personal favorite "Never." His performance was definitely my favorite solo performance of the night.

B2K (Raz-B, J-Boog, Lil' Fizz, Omarion)

B2K headlined The Millennium Tour, and they did not disappoint. I felt like I was 12 years old at Scream Tour 2 again. I screamed my lungs out as each member was individually introduced as they prepared to perform their song "Girlfriend." They sang and danced their way through their two-album discography and the You Got Served soundtrack performing hits like "Uh Huh," "Gots Ta Be," "Why I Love You," "What a Girl Wants," and "Badaboom." Omarion even squeezed in a mini solo set to perform his songs "Ice Box," "O," "Touch," and "Post to Be." J-Boog also had a dance break and did it for Lil' Saint as an ode to B2K's film You Got Served. The group reunited on stage to end their set with "Bump Bump Bump." It was great to see all four members, J-Boog, Raz-B, Lil' Fizz, and Omarion, set their differences aside for a little bit to make this tour happen for the fans!

The Millennium Tour was a great trip down memory lane, as well as a reminder that I'm getting old and so are all of the artists that performed. They all were back like they never left and took us back to the 2000's. The entire show lasted over four hours. I definitely got my money's worth, but I was tired, sore and didn't have a voice the next day. J-Boog from B2K even joked that he was tired, and one of the Ying Yang Twins had to hold his back to get up after crawling on the ground to "Get Low." Basically, we all needed to have several seats. Overall, it was a great time to reunite with my childhood friends and see the artists that helped solidify our teenage friendship since we all used to be in love with them back in the day. We even got to take selfies with the members of B2K! The Millennium Tour was just what I needed, and everyone in the building seemed to have a great time! I'm glad I got to relive my teenage years for a few hours. Now, back to adulting...

<3 ShanMichele


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