"Sex and Another City": ATL Pop-Up

"Sex and Another City" pop-up at Tapa Tapa (Atlanta, GA)

Ladies! It's time to throw on your favorite pair of heels, grab your girls, and be prepared to sip on cosmos (or the drink of your choice) as you channel your inner Carrie, Samantha, Charlotte or Miranda while making your way to a slice of Manhattan in Atlanta at Tapa Tapa's "Sex and Another City" pop-up!

This themed pop-up experience is inspired by the the hit HBO show Sex and the City, which happens to be my favorite show of all time! Sex and the City follows the lives of four women living in Manhattan and highlights everything from their relationships and dating lives to their careers and everything in between. I have every season of Sex and the City on DVD (and still watch them faithfully even though they're also on HBO GO), so I was beyond excited when this pop-up came to town. Tapa Tapa's "Sex and Another City" pop-up opened on May 2nd and is available for your enjoyment until June 15th.

at Tapa Tapa's "Sex and Another City" pop-up

The "Sex and Another City" pop-up brings you a full Manhattan-style experience as if you were living your life alongside Carrie, Samantha, Charlotte, and Miranda in the show. The decor really brought Manhattan to life through street signs for some of Manhattan's famous streets and areas including 42nd Street, Fashion Ave., Broadway, Central Park, Times Square, Fifth Ave., and Avenue of the Americas. I also used to live in New York, so this was everything!

The DJ enhanced the vibe and played tunes from the Sex and the City era. Also, episodes of Sex and the City were playing on the television at the bar! Even the two restrooms in Tapa Tapa kept the Sex and the City theme going as they were decorated with New York street signs, and photos and quotes from Carrie, Samantha, Charlotte, and Miranda.

Park Avenue Pollyanna and Miss Bradshaw drinks at Tapa Tapa's "Sex and Another City" pop-up

Tapa Tapa created a special Sex and the City inspired menu for the occasion featuring classic New York bites like cheesecake, flatbreads, hot dogs, bagels, various cheeses, salad, and cake. Each menu item had a unique name to go along with the New York, Sex and the City theme such as "Breakfast at Tiffany's," "Street Food," "Italian Diet," "Cheat Day," and more.

My favorite part of the menu, of course, was the drinks! You can't live your best Sex and the City life without a drink in hand. The Sex and the City inspired drinks included the Miss Bradshaw, One Night Stand, Flirtini, Park Avenue Pollyanna, Walk of Shame, I <3 NY, and more. Also, two specialty shots, The Big Little Apple and Mr. Big, were on the menu in honor of New York and Carrie's love interest, Mr. Big. I ordered the Miss Bradshaw, which is named after the show's main character Carrie Bradshaw. The name was very fitting for this cosmopolitan since it is Carrie Bradshaw's favorite drink. This cocktail was made with vodka, orange liqueur, lime juice, cranberry syrup, and finished with a special ice cube that contained a mini high heel, since of course, Carrie absolutely loved shoes!

Photobooth at Tapa Tapa's "Sex and Another City" pop-up

Of course, no pop-up is complete without a photo booth. "Sex and Another City" delivered the perfect photo booth complete with the Empire State Building, a life-sized shoe to sit on, and tons of props that reflected the personalities of the four ladies on the show.

I definitely had an amazing time at Tapa Tapa's "Sex and Another City" pop-up. It is the perfect place to have a girls night, sip drinks, grab a bite, catch up on life, relationships, laugh, and take cute photos! So, ladies - throw on a cute outfit, strut in your heels with your girlfriends, and cheers to life at the "Sex and Another City" pop-up. Who knows? You may even find your own Mr. Big since the guys will know where to find you!

<3 ShanMichele

Here are some photos from #SexAndAnotherCity

The "Sex and the Another City" pop-up at Tapa Tapa is open May 2nd - June 15th (Tuesdays - Saturdays, 5pm - close). Tapa Tapa is located at 931 Monroe Dr NE C-106, Atlanta, GA. Tapa Tapa also hosted a Mardi Gras Midtown pop-up in February/March and Miracle Bar during the Christmas holiday season.


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