At-Home Teeth Whitening: Does It Really Work? I Gave Smile Brilliant a Try!

A smile is the first thing I notice, so who doesn’t want perfect pearly whites? Nice teeth are a priority in my family, especially since my parents spent money on braces to perfect my smile. If you know me, you know I’m always smiling, and take pride in having a nice smile. I often find myself indulging in wine, coffee, and foods with tomato sauce, which are all known to stain teeth. Although, the stains are temporary, they can still affect the whiteness and brightness of your teeth.

I’ve always felt that my teeth could be whiter, so I consistently use Crest 3D White toothpaste and have previously tried Crest White Strips. These affordable teeth whitening options have helped me maintain the whiteness of my teeth but haven’t really improved it. I wanted to explore other teeth whitening options, but who wants to pay an arm and a leg for this? Not I.

Smile Brilliant recently reached out, and of course I was interested. Social media is full of influencers selling teeth whitening kits, charcoal toothpaste, and LED whitening systems, so I was a bit hesitant initially. It’s hard to know which brands are credible with good products, and which ones are doing it for the hype. After doing some research, I found out that Smile Brilliant is created by hygienists and dental professionals that have more than 30 years of teeth whitening experience.

Smile Brilliant’s teeth whitening system eliminates a trip to the dentist by allowing users to create their dental impressions for their custom whitening trays. This easy to use product is perfect for those always on the go. I have a busy lifestyle, so I was wondering how I could incorporate teeth whitening into my schedule since you can’t eat or drink an hour after. Since I’m always on the go, so I found that it was best that I whitened my teeth during my morning commute to work or before bed. It was easy to pop in my whitening trays before I left the house and let the whitening gel do it’s magic while I was stuck in Atlanta traffic for 45 minutes.

What’s included?

The kit includes:

· Catalyst paste

· Base paste

· Impression trays (one for the top, one for the bottom)

· Teeth Whitening Gel

· Desensitizing Gel

· Instruction cards

How does Smile Brilliant work? The Smile Brilliant Teeth Whitening Kit was shipped directly to my home with all the necessary supplies and easy to follow instruction cards for each step of the process.

I mixed the catalyst paste and base paste in the impression trays to create the teeth impressions that were used for my custom whitening trays. I sent the impressions to the Smile Brilliant lab via the pre-paid envelope that was included in the kit. I received my customized trays within two weeks, and was ready to begin the actual whitening process.

The custom trays were the perfect fit! It was refreshing to actually have trays that fit my teeth opposed to typical over-the-counter “one size fits all” trays or whitening strips that slide off my teeth.

The daily whitening process was very simple and user-friendly. It’s important to begin each whitening session with clean teeth, so the product can work to its full potential. Accordingly, I brushed my teeth with water (don’t use toothpaste prior to whitening), to ensure that my teeth were free from any residue that could minimize the effects of the whitening gel. Using the provided Teeth Whitening Gel syringe, I squeezed the teeth whitening gel into my two whitening trays, put them in my mouth, and let the whitening gel do its thing for 45 minutes. After the whitening was complete, I used to the provided Desensitizing Gel syringe, and squeeze the desensitizing gel into the trays, and put the trays in my mouth for another 15 minutes. The desensitizing gel helps reduce tooth sensitivity that can come with teeth whitening and prevents re-staining, so the teeth can stay white after the whitening process. Fortunately, I didn’t experience much tooth sensitivity from the whitening gel, so I mainly used the desensitizing gel to maintain the whiteness of my teeth.

Results: You’re probably wondering if Smile Brilliant really works? The answer is YES! I was very impressed with my results. The product was high quality and easy to use, which are two important factors for me. I also saw an improvement in the whiteness of my teeth within a few uses. This continued to improve over the course of a few weeks. Smile Brilliant is worth trying if you’re looking for an affordable, quality whitening system that actually works and produces results. I'll definitely continue to use Smile Brilliant and keep it as part of my oral health care routine.

<3 ShanMichele


Interested in trying Smile Brilliant? Well, I have good news. Smile Brilliant is offering one of my readers the chance to try their whitening system, for free! CLICK HERE to enter. Smile Brilliant is also offering my readers 15% off store-wide when they use the code SHANMICHELE15 at checkout! 


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