Super Bowl Shan! (My #SuperBowlLIII Recap)

Updated: Feb 10, 2019

Mercedes Benz Stadium dressed for Super Bowl LIII
Mercedes Benz Stadium

Super Bowl LIII is finally over, and I finally have time to gather my bearings. With that said, I've done Super Bowl weekend before, and it was A LOT. I was lowkey dreading it coming to Atlanta. Surprisingly, I ended up having a really great time!

Atlanta did an excellent job extending its southern hospitality while hosting Super Bowl LIII. The city welcomed hundreds of thousands of visitors and offered a plethora of things for every one to do. Besides the game, the city hosted tons of free events throughout the week and weekend - from celebrity football games to award ceremonies to charity events to concerts to daytime activities to parties - you name it! There was literally something for every audience, so there was no reason not to partake in the fun (unless you just absolutely didn't want to).

Of course, I joined in on the Super Bowl fun and attended a few events. There were so many events that overlapped, so I had to pick and choose which ones to attend since I couldn't be everywhere at the same time. Anyways, here are my three favorite events from Super Bowl LIII weekend:

At the Super Bowl Experience

Super Bowl Experience

The Super Bowl Experience was so much fun! This interactive indoor theme park was like Disney World for NFL fans. It was everything NFL.

There were history lessons, games, exhibits, and a store to purchase NFL and Super Bowl merchandise. The Super Bowl Experience offered attendees the opportunity to participate in various activities and games including an obstacle course, 40-yard dash, field goal kick, vertical jump, broad jump, virtual reality simulations and more. There was also the chance to see and take photos with previous Super Bowl Championship rings, replica locker rooms and the Vince Lombardi Trophy. The experience also had uniformed body-cast molds for all 32 NFL teams, so visitors could step in and take a photo as if they were in their favorite team's uniform. The NFL Network was also broadcasting live from the event, so you could be on tv if you wanted to. My favorite part was the NFL Draft Set, which allowed you to have your name called as you walked on stage as if you were in the actual NFL Draft and being selected by your favorite team.

I had a great time at the Super Bowl Experience. I even got an unexpected workout in through the drills, but I had the chance to take many pics. It was definitely a fun way to kick off Super Bowl weekend.

House of BET

House of BET

BET hosted an immersive experience that offered sneak peeks of upcoming shows, panel discussions, music, and art installations. House of BET guests were able to watch and discuss BET's upcoming series "American Soul" and "Boomerang," as well as the movie "What Men Want." Guests also had the chance to experience these shows through interactive photo rooms similar to the 29 Rooms experience.

The House of BET featured a Museum of Meme, which brought different social media memes to life through art installations. My favorite memes that were featured included the "Wew Chile, the ghetto" sign based on the line from Real House of Atlanta's NeNe Leakes, the “Is This Your King?” piece inspired by the movie "Black Panther," and of course the LeBron James and J.R. Smith art piece based on J.R.'s mistake at the end of Game 1 of the 2018 NBA Finals (which I'm still sensitive about since I wanted the Cavs to win).

I attended on the opening night, so we were treated to performances from hip-hop producer Zaytoven and multi-platinum artist The Dream. My favorite parts of House of BET were the Museum of Meme and the "American Soul" disco room. The House of BET immersive experience was a great way to kick off Black History Month and Super Bowl weekend by celebrating black culture and excellence!

Maxim Super Bowl Party

Maxim Super Bowl Party

The Maxim Super Bowl Party is literally the hottest party every year during Super Bowl weekend. If you know, then you know! This was my first time attending, and I had a blast. This red-carpet event was attended by many sports stars and other A-List celebrities.

In typical Atlanta fashion, the star-studded event was catered by Waffle House. Because, why not? Waffle House is an Atlanta staple. After strutting the red carpet, guests were able to indulge in hash browns, waffles, and cocktails. The crowd was also graced with music performances from Yo Gotti, Zaytoven, DJ Ruckus, Jamie Foxx, Future, and Diplo. My favorite performance was Diplo. He really took the party to another notch complete with confetti and strobe lights. It was great to take a break from the usual club scene and see people interact, network, party, and actually enjoy themselves. There's not much more to say because I was too busy enjoying the party, but just know that the Maxim Super Bowl Party is always the place to be during Super Bowl weekend.

I did not attend the actual Super Bowl LIII game, but I did go to a few watch parties. Even though the team I was rooting (Los Angeles Rams) lost, I still had an incredible Super Bowl weekend. Atlanta definitely won by being the host. The city showed up and showed out!

If you were in Atlanta, I hope you had time to enjoy some of the Super Bowl LIII festivities. And if you're weren't, then hopefully you can check out an upcoming Super Bowl weekend in Miami, Tampa, or Los Angeles since it is definitely one of those easy bucket list items.

<3 ShanMichele

Check out a few photos from my fun-filled Super Bowl LIII weekend:


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