Pour It Up: The Wine Room

Despite what my Instagram stories may lead you to believe, I am not a lush, but I do appreciate a good drink and I love wine!

The Wine Room

While visiting family in Florida for the Thanksgiving holiday weekend, I stumbled across The Wine Room. This small, rustic venue located in Winter Park (just outside of Orlando) is any wine lover's dream come true. The interior emulates an actual wine cellar, which makes the experience so much greater. The Wine Room features over 150 wines from around the world that can be sampled in various pour sizes (1oz, 2.5 oz, or 5oz) via state-of-the-art Enomatic wine dispensing machines.

The Wine Room is almost like the Dave & Buster's of wine. You receive a glass upon entry, purchase a card, load money on it, insert your card into a wine machine, select your wine, choose your pour size, and drink up!

The wines are organized by region and/or type. There are also specialty sections such as Critic's Choice (highly rated wines), Employee favorites, Rare Wines, Interesting Reds and more. Each wine available for tasting at the Wine Room contains a card that includes the wine name, description, origin, retail price, and other notes so you know what you're getting. Fall in love with a wine you tasted? No problem! You have the option of purchasing bottles to take home.

The Wine Room also has fresh charcuterie boards, small plates, and desserts available for purchase, so you can nibble while you sip. They have seating in the bar area, lounge, and downstairs vault if you want to get away from the crowd. The vault is also available for private parties and events.

I put $25 on my card, and it served me well. I was able to try over eight different wines (some even twice). My favorite wine was the Zuccardi Malbec Serie Q. This Malbec originated in Argentina, the largest wine producer in South America! It is deep purple in color and has an intense aroma of dark fruits (plum, blackberry, red cherry) with a hint of spice. It is very smooth and has a velvety finish. It's also very inexpensive, so if you can't make it to The Wine Room, then check your local stores to purchase a bottle. It is definitely worth trying if you like red wine.

I love visiting vineyards and wineries, but The Wine Room was definitely a one-of-a-kind experience. The idea is brilliant. I wish I would've thought of this! I definitely had an amazing time at The Wine Room because it was pretty much a self-serve experience aside from purchasing your card and ordering food; the anti-social side of me appreciated this. You can indulge in many different types of wines from various regions and taste some that you wouldn't typically try. If you're ever in the Orlando area, be sure to check out The Wine Room and everything else that the Winter Park area has to offer! You won't be disappointed.

Check out a few photos I snapped while at The Wine Room:

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